by Da Fly Hooligan

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released June 12, 2017


all rights reserved


Track Name: Clicc Suit
I'm So remarkable incredible deez niggaz never new I buss a shell or two atchu won't even bless you squeeze 2 tex at anyone who's next to
Got a bag full
clips full
bullets got a fist full
Smack d@ pussie wit da pistol
cease da weak wining streak corpse reaks actions always speaks let da music talk when i release da beast
any closer loose ya teeth
Typhoon swingin I got da barbecue to cook da beef
Tenderloin i never drop da coin
Jewish niggaz see dem titties their all screaming out shaboing shout out to d@ nigga donnie goinz
had sum ill joints
Giv a fukk if niggaz miss da point
Drop a gem for Westwood
Give ur chic da best wood
Rockin d@ preme hoodie finnesse look
Got dem Carmines delicious taste for sneakers pass da heater
Shoot him in his face
Say your grace fucc ya life it's mine d@ you should praise
See my enemies all hit da Deck they saw my arm raise
Closed case push rhyme like weights brolic brain 150k salute to King sway if I was there I would've slapped Kanye
monkey see monkey do applies to apes and baboons
I catch any of u niggaz copying
deploy some harpoons
Devour fresh butter scones don't condone clones use a spanna buss ya head until I see past da flesh n bone
Sagamore algorithmic rhyme score
Cook pure
Exported over sea shores she luv da smell of Christian Dior
banging to da sounds of bjork
Philippine mistress widda tasteful selection of Comodores
Kik ya fukin doors
Smokin on a balcony in lovely Ecuador
take da first jet to Singapore
quench my Thirst wit lemonade and two straws
ate d@ turkey sandwich wit some coleslaw shit was gourmet now am ready for da onslaught
Track Name: Da Flyy Hooligan - Pinn Rolls
Boom wah dis?
Ah d@ ah flyy hooligan ah ch@
Boom wah dis?
Ah d@ ah flyy hooligan ah ch@
Boom wah dis?
Ah d@ ah flyy hooligan ah ch@
Boom wah dis
ah d@ dem pussy whole ah fi ch@
Boom wah dis?
Ah d@ a flyy hooligan ah ch@ (×2)

D square
Me equals emcee square
Bess believe am a raging pistolaire
Declare warfare in here
Pierce wit da burnin spear
Enter ya nightmare and fondle ya fears
Gone clear
Flip to fif gear
dirty like da snare
Rifles send shots ligaments tear
Blood smeared
Buss his mouf widda can Ov beer
Face da corner bitch witch Blair
all my competitions shit it's not fare
Am being sincere sin sweater made of cashmere
pay your cash there
Affect your right and left hemisphere
extra sensory persecution signals cannot interfere I'm da highest cavalier
Purchased a crystal chandelier
Sexy women volunteer to take off braziers fly under da cassimere
fucc until I buss a nutt n dissappear
I'm da fukin engineer
Readjust da coochie den am outta here

Boom wah dis?
Ah d@ ah flyy hooligan ah ch@
Boom wah dis?
Ah d@ ah flyy hooligan ah ch@
Boom wah dis?
Ah d@ ah flyy hooligan ah ch@
Boom wah dis
ah d@ dem pussy whole ah fi ch@
Boom wah dis?
Ah d@ a flyy hooligan ah ch@ (×2)

A real rude bwoii

Careers i destroy
Rhymes i Deploy
Maxin in da serengetti wit troy
Bk to london Wippin in ma new toy
Keep ma ear to da streets like a set of fresh parellies bump ya decoy
Overtake da vectra
Hundred n ten kilometres per hour got to Oxfordshire in less than half an hour
Just in time to copp da fresh stake
Only eat off hot plates
no said date
fuk wit hoolie d@s a mistake
Supreme Cut Untouched Magnificence
Shere excellence
I spit da essence peep deez ova rappers you can tell da difference
Black don't crack
Toffee don't melt
Unless it's in ya mouff baby so prepare for da milk
That's cos she said I look young still
Made her head tilt
Went for ages had to change da covers got a new quilt
Even dem panties d@ where made of silk
Body was built
Fatty bangin made her walk different cos I got skill
Track Name: Da Flyy Hooligan - Sauvage
Ate da fresh penini
Cold smoothie with extra kiwi
Take da roof off da Bentley so all ma people see me
Feeling extra vibrant talking to make cousin deedee
Y'know who we be
Blessed by the grace of extravagant taste for sneakz b
shouts to dels and Ash ma GG's
Toakin on dis weed lungs iz weezy
To da fulless luv for norff weezy
Roundwood park until its dark shooting Js like i was kobe I knew adisu when he started makin graphics on adobe
Used to get dissed for Rockin pony's
Got da fila cage poppin later way before ma homies
Trend setter in da 90s
Tommy Hillfiger naf co and Karl Kani
Saw Shakur wearing armani nuttin but a gangster party
Niggaz was grimey akkin rowdy
Pops would always hook me up with fresh cologne not smelling frowsy
Rockin shirts wit pictures of Silasi
Wu wear shorts on Raleigh diamond backs in Wembley
Naughty little mutvafukas running from d@ nigga abbey
In da alley always gettin head from Sally for some crack g real life picture this exactly

Flyy nigga
Take a journey to da chamber where my rhymes deliver
Poetry in motion hear da scripture from da inna
Arabian jewels a crime thrilla
True life trife peep da scrolls of a sinna

Mac dre
Blazin 4 days
Purple haze
Chillin wit molosovich n masikah writtin in 3 ways
Quick wit da instrumental it's
so essential
Dedicated to ma homies wit da right credentials
Kankik kan I Kik it *yes I can*
Lootpac had me biggin out for hours when I spit shit
Taken by da liyric spirit
Wiked wit da linguistix I'm a misfit in da myst of misfits
Luvv ma women Bitches
Tickle wet lips and break bread sticks
Shits hectic scars tissues after antiseptic flow septic
Fresh suit bess respec it
Track Name: Da Flyy Hooligan - Romero Bryan
Lamarrie Essquire here 4eva
By da grace of God ALLAH hu Akbar
Sunny daytona in a mazda
Ladies fiend for da guy in da nice car
I'm da bess dis year by far
Firss I get da money den become a star.


Make way for da great in da fass Lane
Beat slain piles of cocaine numb da pain in da brain
Couldn't get da car so bought me a train
all modes of transport even a plane
niggaz mention my name
In da billionaire circle I'll hurtchu ax of violence beat you till you're bloody purple run you over wit da mercle
No mercy
Shoot to Kill for those who tried to hurt me
Hi velocity da guns go off ferociously
Bundles of money for shopping sprees pussie smells of potpourri expensive like a wardrobe by Gianni
From Karl Kani to realty
Dis Rap shits a game I'm here to play monopoly
Monopolisynthersize to auxiliary
burst capillaries
Way beyond art dis here is natural synchronicity WAV 2 MP3
MPC Roland SP my rhyme are dope b
Illess emcee I know you would agree



Fracture your mandibula
Put a halt to your cardiovascular call me da master clap a rapper
fear no one
Crazy like a Tokugawa shogun
Mitsurugi wit da pen I rep slums
Designer suits
Tasty women
Expensive fruits
Bob Ross wit a biro you niggaz just recruites
Am da truth
Da realest in dis hot persuite for dominance
Send ma competition to da essence
Fire and brimstone bullets from da chrome meets wiv your dome
Scramble information crown da king on his throne
Gettin blown led to da zone broad sword makes da Queen groan peep da tone when she grapples da bone
Flown all da way from da chef
no space on ma table leff get some new crepes and take fresh steps
30kg 20 reps anyone test
reach for da boulder buss ya head to da pink flesh
Track Name: Maserati Dreamin
Midnight blue
Tinted windows wouldn't have no clue
She's sittin in d'wipp wit no shoes
Cruise in da middle of da city make sharp moves
Feelin like da centre of attention in a Silverstone shoot
Olives imported from Beirut
alter da suit
Wheel spinnin in da gran tourismo made pedestrians scoot
Aerodynamic features like Cassie in a swimsuit
I'm a brute
beas widda a pen n pad no one can dispute
Ma perfec interlec expec da bess no one can missdirec disec da tech styles
unique my futures str8 yours is lookin Oblique
Colourful motif
Play wit da brief
She wants to work shiff until it release

Splurge we emerge from the curve I eccellerate
everybody swerved cos they heard
Peep da pin stripe
Shortie wants pipe
dress is elegant and titties look ripe
Gettin wild for da night

Support da freshness
Embedded elegance
King of excellence
Feel my presence
Rev da engine viciously to make an entrance
Grand opening
Finnesse is in my haemoglobin
Take a look @ my expression wit da Barrel Smokin
Vicona zegna
Party in Formosa
Make a order from Royal beluga for sum caviar
Price is right in spite of da Bullshit am juss livin nice
Wish ma Pops kept da thunderbird he left in Caprice
Margiela bags bitches going crazy for da merchandise
Coppit twice rhyme precise made some serious sacrifice life's a gamble but niggaz don't hesitate to roll a dice separation out of men n mice control da mic device

Killin every beat I conquer
Rollin wit da nina but could never tell wit my demeanour tip da cleaner
Got a late arrangement with zeana saw leana on the way so made her follow us in her bimma

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